wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"I will manifest from a respectful, sacred mind a home of respect,

a home of that which is sacred."

Desert Spirit




The Uninvited Guest


Sunday, May 19, 2013


Desert Spirit



     The idea hits me to visit with those from my past from whom I have not had contact, a biological brother and our mother. My visit is short, two days, yet filled with more power than that which brought forth the seen universe.


     In my return to the quiet of my own dwelling, the thoughts stimulate in me to investigate the full range of experiences I encountered. For issues were brought forth not previously discussed with she the mother, and an exchange with he the brother leads to his invitation for me to enter his domain, his dwelling, his world, his mind, to which I have not been previously introduced. And the presentation his two boys I have never met before brings forth a powerful experience for me, as well as for them.


     Now I sit and view these events in hindsight. For I tell myself the motivation for my journey to visit with these beings is due to a failed attempt, by me, to secure another dwelling that I have recently encountered in which I could possibly reside as a distraction from my discontent.


      But I misperceive. The perceived failures of my attempts to secure an new residence, and my journey to visit with these “relatives” from my past are now revealed in the Light of my new lesson.


Today my Lesson reads,


Eternal holiness abides in me.”


     It lives IN me, this holiness, the eternal, the sacred, the beauty, the spacious, the quiet….it is all within me, where I perceive noise. It abides within, that which I seek externally. How would I seek outside myself for another dwelling, for anything for that matter, if an eternal peace not of this world is within me? How does eternal holiness move a being in action?


     Would I be within eternal holiness regardless where I reside? I keep attempting to return to a perceived past from which I departed, and if this is part of the steps You provided to me, then it seems foolish I would attempt to return to a place from which You have removed me.  Yet my lessons have always been a return to a past with a different ending.


     Now today the Lesson speaks of a Heaven within me that can bring forth an external perception of Heaven. Yet this day begins with an end to what I thought would be a new home, a new residence.


     I came upon a diamond in the rough, ideal setting, that has been “abandoned” for a period of over a year. Although available, negotiations fell through as he who possesses this dwelling desires to not make the necessary corrections TO this dwelling to accommodate a new resident. Further, the refusal to negotiate on this issue has left me the alternative to abandon any further interest in this place. And yet my brief encounter WITH this place must be part of the journey upon which You place my feet.


     As I entered into the abandoned home, I discovered a claustrophobic energy that choked and strangled me, like a desperate invisible entity clinging to me that was desperately seeking help. It seemed logical to open all the doors and windows to allow this child to once again breath the fresh air. And as each window was opened, I could hear the energy with this dwelling exclaim, “THANK YOU! I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!”


     Now, in hindsight I wonder if it was only Your wish for me to pass through this place and bring a vibration of Another World to it?


eternal – without beginning or end; undying; lasting forever; unchanged; always the same; a long period of time that seems endless


holiness -  that which is holy; dedicated to religious use; sacred; sinless; spiritually pure; deserving deep respect, awe, etc.


     The residence external to me is the place that deserves awe and respect, as it is that which is in me. That which deserves respect lives in me. If the Home of the sacred and the respectful is in me, then it is this I will manifest in my earthly journey because it is this I carry with me. I will manifest from a respectful, sacred mind a home of respect, a home of that which is sacred. I will manifest an eternal reality that is dedicated to truth if the mind is dedicated to truth, and to justice, to live, to the pure light of God. I will not settle for less than this.


     And yet what I encounter is not that which is respectful, or sacred, or pure or of health, wealth or success. What I have entered is a place where sickness dwells, where the old and stale air chokes the life out of a dwelling, a place where there is suffering, where there is the deceived, where there are secrets kept and protected, that which is full of lies and falseness, the home of clutter and undisciplined energy. Why would You send me to theses places? For what purpose do they serve me? What do I bring TO them?


     These environments are full of filth and unclean spirits and their inhabitants, where self-inflicted punishment seems to be unavoidable. Yet are they saved by the entry of the eternal holiness that abides in me, the Self, the Sacred Spirit, the Respectful Who bring another Energy TO them. For this Energy is feared and not welcomed IN these places, and yet inevitable You say, “Go there, for it is My Wish that you do so”.


     The presence of the eternal holiness in me brought into these places of unclean spirits, stale energy and sin brings with it a pure, higher energy that is released INTO these unclean places, and can never leave these places. It is THIS that the Eternal Holy do. It is this, the Unseen, that bring a shift of energy, a shift in vibration INTO these places and the beings who dwell in them. And It remains there. It is the Uninvited Guest. Yet on some level It WAS invited, and Its Presence in these places is the proof OF that invitation.


     The unclean CANNOT enter where the sacred and pure abide, but the pure and sacred CAN enter and is welcomed INTO these places. Passing through them leaves Its waves of Light and Love there. Purifying these places brings a shift of energy TO them. The occupants of the unclean places will know something pure had entered their lair and brought something that cannot ever now leave.


     Now the energy of the pure and the eternal passing into and through the impure, unclean places WILL TRANSFORM them. As it is THEIR WILL TO have this shift in energy enter, so it is your will to bring it to them. Like a breath of fresh air, the eternal holy and pure leaves its effects on these places and beings who reside there or who will reside there.


     What was seen as it was now will be seen no more. A shift HAS occurred in these unclean places. For they have ASKED FOR and have received the eternal holiness into their abode. Whether it is a brother or a mother’s home, or an empty, un-rented dwelling, the energy/power/light of the eternal has passed through them, purifying them and inviting them to breath the holy air brought to them.


     These experiences appear to be tumultuous, but the ongoing purification process that is upon the planet is your part you agreed to fulfill. So be it.


     Now my Lesson reads,


My holiness is far beyond my own ability to understand or know.”


Indeed. This holiness is eternal. It is the only reality of my being. What it brings to other planes and vibrations and worlds cannot be described in words. Hindsight is the only indicator that something not of this world HAS occurred, if we have eyes to see it.